Steve and Chris Reunion Tour

Spread the word, of course.

There are low rumblings of a Steve and Chris (and Alex?) reunion tour, hitting such cities as Barrie. Unconfirmed, but just waiting on an e-mail.

Would be swell. Come.

Welcome Back!

Well, why bother have a paid website when you can have all the same services for free?? I mean, sure, had a nice ring to it, but really, an extravagance… So here I am at a new domain, hopeful to post music, pictures and stories for all who care, and to indulge in my own life if no one else does! As I get back out into the performing world in the Peterborough and Toronto areas, I will keep you all posted, and hopefully import all my old posts onto this new site. I am now living and teaching just outside of Lakefield, Ontario.

In the meantime, surely I miss you!